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As a country falls during war, leaving children no schooling, driving them away from their homes, or separating them from family members, many children think that these armed groups as their best chance for survival.The Statute of the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) constituted by the UN in 2002 in view of the extensive use of child soldiers in the Civil War in Sierra Leone is in line with the Paris Principles.It lays down the guidelines in the various conventions, but fails when it comes to its grass root level implementation.Child laborers are employed everywhere in the world, places like Asia and Africa have a high population of juvenile workers.Many at times, families are unable to provide for the rehabilitation of these children due to poor economic conditions, thereby amplifying their problems even after conflict.Ugandans believe that training and preparation is top of the line punishment.In order to maintain these organizations, the Rebel Groups are faced with the difficult task of recruiting individuals.

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The wording of both these article show that they do not prescribe a complete ban on the use of child soldiers but prevent their recruitment only to such a level as is possible for the state party in question.Once a drugged child soldier, Beah reclaims his soul. By. Two dollars from each sale goes to UNICEF to benefit child soldiers and finance educational programs for.Child soldiers can be found in all areas of the world where there is armed conflict.Many international organizations have been working towards the effective implementation of these norms, leading to the consolidation of child rights as an important facet of International Humanitarian law.From the children captured, it is the male children that are predominantly chosen to serve as soldiers.In the Human Rights Watch article about the child soldiers in Sierra Leone they interviewed many young children to hear their side of the story, one of these children was Foday.Often the children who are conscripted into these forces are used as front line combatants, messengers, mine testers, cooks and for many of the female children abducted, they are used for forced sexual services.

Child soldiers are any individuals under the age of 18 who are recruited by government or opposition armed forces to.Also to propel them into war and break their psychological barriers, they are given cocaine or alcohol.Indeed, nobody would deny the significant role of poetry in our lives.The country of Sudan won its independence in 1956, but that was not the end of their suffering.Thus even when they are not in a situation of conflict, they suffer from psychological and sociological problems and in a majority of these children, there is a high risk of substance abuse.

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This conflict has since spread out of Uganda to the north and west into other regions such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and areas of southern Sudan.The central conflict between Muslim government forces in the North and rebels in the South, started in 1955, slowed in 1972, and resumed in 1983(Power).

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At the end of the film, the audience learns what happened to Mike that changed him forever.

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With the increase in the use of children as soldiers in armed conflict around the world, it becomes important to look at the underlying causes as to why they are being recruited so that modern international society can formulate effective methods to prevent further destruction of human life and rehabilitate those children who have been adversely affected by such participation.

Even though the veterans were trained for the intensity of the duties, the training may have not prepared them for the emotional impact of the events.Findley shows us that despite the war being over, it continues to claim victims by causing pain and sorrow to hover over what should be a joyful occasion.International law now prohibits the recruitment of children under the age of 18 to join military groups, however, there have been accounts of children as young as 6 serving in these military groups.In the world, there are about 300,000 children recruited as child soldiers (Hill 1).Not Soldiers: South Sudan Fact Sheet. Explosive remnants of war also caused child.Like her, there are an estimated 300,000 children under the age of eighteen who are serving as child soldiers in about thirty-six conflict zones (Shaikh).An armed conflict further accentuates an already declining economic system, thereby worsening the condition of many sections of society.

Amongst girl child soldiers, the after result of the conflict is that they are either subjected to trafficking or prostitution, again making rehabilitation a difficult process.Fighting the Battle Already Faced: A Look into Social Work Practices in the Rehabilitation of Child Soldiers.Many soldiers struggle with this because many become apathetic and lose the work ethic and motivation required for the workplace.

The Child Soldier Prevention Act (CSPA) was a prime example of US bipartisan human rights legislation: sponsored by Democratic and Republican senators and signed into.Most of them are abducted or recruited by force, and often compelled to follow orders under threat of death.The major areas of the world where they are more prominent is Africa being number.Her sleeve became dampened with sorrowful puddles, Hal was a complex man.However, unlike Beal, not all children have been able to escape and not all can be accounted for.Child sex trafficking is known as one of the most common types of trafficking in the Asian nations.

A former child solider, and witness in the trial of convicted war criminal, Thomas Lubanga Dyilo, recalls being beaten, whipped and forced to stare at the sun for disobeying the orders given.In the article he tells the story of how he was abducted and the harshness and difficulties these children endure everyday.Although the characters in these stories are fictional, the mistreatment of military personnel can lead to future problems when the time comes for them to return to civilian life.It does not seem very likely that women had more roles than thought originally during the Civil War, such as spies, nursing, refugees, and a few were soldiers.It has morphed into a terrorizing organization from one who sought an escape from oppression.Many are just taken away from their families or recruited by force, and often must follow orders due to the fear of being killed.The trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor, ongoing before the SCSL, in the case of Prosecutor v.