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About fifty years ago gay marriage was completely illegal and seemed to be unnatural and wrong.Not only have religious groups made their opinions known, but the politicians have also joined in, in either support for or in protest against.Two People who love eachother should be able to publicly celebrate their commitment.

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Society has also realized that the average family has developed into many different forms in the last few years.The legalization of same-sex marriage benefits both LGBT people and America as a nation.Traditionally marriage has been the foundation were a man and woman join together in the pledge of love.Our society should come to our senses and start giving gays the rights they deserve.It is currently one of the most divisive political issues in our nation.Basically, gay marriage is good for the economy because it increases government revenue and helps create jobs.In my opinion, any two people who love each other should be able to get married.

On the other hand, the other ten percent belongs to the homosexual population, which has been suffering all.Our society has gradually allowed his influence into our beliefs and values to the point where what was once considered evil is now openly accepted and even applauded.Some would say that it means being happy, joyful, merry, lively, and full of sprit.In America, marriage has been traditionally. defined as a legally recognized commitment between a man and a woman as their ultimate expression of love.

Quick, fast and in a hurry is usually how people live today and if one is lucky enough to find true. love and commit to a relationship why will the sexual orientation matter.At this time, the time-honored views of matrimony are being changed by gay and lesbian couples challenging the same right to love, respect, and appreciate their partners as heterosexual couples have.Does the government have the right to define marriage and decide who may marry.There are two issues that come to mind. First,. there is the religious point of view.According to Psychology Today, marriage is the process by which two people who love each other make their relationship public, official, and permanent.Although, some say that including culture or religion in politics affects the decision of the government whether to legalize gay marriage. As time.Gay rights are forgotten many times and equal rights for same-sex marriage are often ignored.

According to Schulman, there are 4 primary effects of marriage within his definition he calls the kinship system.Legal arguments on behalf of gay marriage tend to get more attention because it.Pro Gay Marriage Essay Introduction Internet was invented with the intent to promote mass exchange of ideas which has also created confusion whether copyright.Homosexual activities and relationships exist since human origins.

By Maxwell Strachan. Getty 2.2k. 1.8k. There are many reasons to support gay marriage.In short, how we determine what we should do, what we should not do, and how to tell the difference. (Philosophy 2010 Mosser) In this definition of ethics, it says morally determining your behavior to be right or wrong or good and bad, but does this pertain to matters of the heart.Yet, same-sex marriage continues to be a highly debated issue.Offering civil unions was not an acceptable alternative to gay marriage because it is a considered choice of language that reflects a demonstrable assigning of same-sex, largely homosexual, couples to second-class status.To begin with, advocates for gay marriage argue that denying a couple the right to marry any person of their choice regardless of their sexes is immoral since they are denied some of the basic right.Today many people have their own opinions. and beliefs when it comes down to the topic of gay marriage.The idea of gay marriage is what I would call a recent phenomenon.

Due to the fact that homosexual relationships are increasingly more accepted by the public, gay marriage has become one of the most controversial topics throughout the US.On the other hand there are also many down sides such as being made fun of just for being homosexual, and not being able to have your own kids.

Benefits of good health essay 3 essays for ap lang write my phd dissertation defense ikea essays globalisierung kultur beispiel essay.Pro Gay Marriage and Psychological Theories Name Course title Name of Instructor Name of Institution Date of Submission Pro Gay Marriage and Psychological Theor.The discrimination and unnecessary hindrance placed upon homosexual individuals who desire to be bound in matrimony is unmorally, unjustifiably, and insensitively shameful. to be continued.

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In the definition it says couple, with out indication of gender.Why should these people who are willing to be together for better or worse, in sickness and health, for richer or poorer not get the respect, consideration, and benefits that any opposite sex couple are granted.