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ChemistryCoach is a high school course support page of enclyclopedic proportions.Ap chemistry help websites: General Chemistry Chem 1110 and Chem 1120 Lecture Notes Practice Exams.Biology, chemistry, learn and research ap chemistry help websites science, astronomy, math, An Introduction to Surface Chemistry by Dr.Chemistry Courses: CP Chemistry (822) ACP Chemistry (821) SCML ACP Chemistry (821) Honors Chemistry (820) AP Chemistry (840) Science Help Center.The Atomic Dashboard - is an interactive chemistry resource and learning tool developed for the Mac by Bitwixt Software Systems.

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All about Electrochemistry - An in-depth, comprehensive treatment (Steve Lower).

This Numericana page has an eclectic collection of units, including some rather uncommon ones.The Chemogenesis Webbook - this extensive, excellent and comprehensive site by Mark Leach tells how chemistry emerges from the Periodic Table and bifurcates into the rich and extraordinary science that we know and experience.The catch: it is pre-Windows (DOS), but some of it is quite good.SCIENCETeeCHER has a good selection of PT neckties (cheaper) and scarves.Interactive Chemistry Serendip sees the web as a tool which can make education a more interactive and exploratory process, by making freely available educational.The outstanding site Macrogalleria covers the structures and properties of polymers in an uncommonly engaging way.Then take a look at BASIC CHEMISTRY and follow it as an outline for studying the other subjects in the top menu table above. Go. Polymer chemistry - The chemistry of long chained molecules.AP Central Meta Description - Course materials, exam information, and professional development opportunities for AP teachers and coordinators.Fast-paced second-year chemistry course for advanced, the workload is equivalent to a first-year college introductory chemistry course, including an intensive and necessary laboratory component.feel free to look around.

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Though I developed the resources for my AP students, Ap chemistry help websites.

ChemBuddy pH Calculation tutorials - an extensive set of online tutorials covering most aspects of acid-base calculations.The electron-tunneling model of chemical bonding How can those electron-dot diagrams showing shared electrons happily sitting between the nuclei be consistent with the principle that opposite charges attract.Chemistry Web Resources - this site maintained by Ron Rinehart of Monterey Peninsula College contains a wealth of material oriented toward chemical education, all well organized in a visually-attractive way.Purdue U. contins links to guides for solving many of the typical quantitative problems encountered in General Chemistry.Science of Cooking - A well-designed site from the Exploratorium science museum in San Francisco.Introduction to basic atomics, mole concept, calculations based on formulas and equations, and nomenclature - (S.K. Lower, SFU) these five lessons offer in-depth treatment of these topics at an introductory level.

Our samples: Google may use information (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you.WEBCAST: Factors Affecting Acid Strength WEBCAST: Common Ion Effect Updated.Find organic chemistry tutorials, self-grading tests, common organic chemistry reaction mechanisms, chemistry FAQs, and laboratory help.WEBCAST: Ethers WEBCAST: Carboxylic Acids WEBCAST: Esters WEBCAST: Aldehydes WEBCAST: Ketones WEBCAST: Amines WEBCAST: Amides WEBCAST: Addition Reactions WEBCAST: Substitution Reactions WEBCAST: Esterification Reactions Organic Nomenclature Online Practice This site gives instant feedback Hydrocarbons Chemcard Stack Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers Chemcard Stack Aldehydes and Ketones.Exam Information (AP Chemistry Exam from spring 2013 and prior) Exam Content The AP Chemistry Exam covers a full-year introductory college course in chemistry with.

Especially useful for polyprotic systems which would otherwise require solution of many simultaneous equations.Principles of General Chemistry - available as a PDF file (147 Mb) or aa a zip file for use offline with a Web browser.From simplest to most challenging we want to document every chemistry problem to help students accelerate at learning.Human Thermodynamics - this rather far-out site apparently seeks to relate chemical affinity to human interactions.Acid-base without algebra A simple graphical method of solving pH problems that gives as good answers as algebraic solutions and provides a global view of what species are significant at any pH.If your question is about this website, ask it on meta instead. visit the help center.

Thorough coverage of the basic ideas relating to units and dimensions, the SI system, accuracy, precision, and uncertainty in measurements, significant figures and rounding off, treatment of random and systematic error, standard deviation. (S. Lower, Simon Fraser U.).

Balancing Chemical Equations - this ChemTeam site provides numerous links and drills.

ScienceGeek.net is the website of Andy Allan, science instructor at El.You may also access your current grades, a current Course Calendar, as well as links to free chemistry software.If gems like this fascinate you, have a look at this site, which is all about the origins of the element names, not just in English, but in 97 different languages.