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Many students fail to present an objection to their argument, and instead present an objection to their conclusion.For if we take away the first cause there would be no effect following there for the universe would have never been created which is impossible because we can prove the universe does exist.Yet despite of these warnings, people goes ahead to construct tall buildings.It is bad philosophy to go rampaging through logical space with a machine gun, spraying your thought bullets at everything you see.

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They hold an assumption that suffering should not be allowed.

The suffering today in the world is intense as a result of catastrophes like earthquakes and hurricanes.

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This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.One of them was Meister Eckhart the German monk and philosopher who attempted to square philosophy.This one question has been answered, but needs to be proven every single day.

Essays, Term Papers, Book Reports, Research Papers on Philosophy.Even with this knowledge, Bradstreet still took the chance of writing down the love for her husband with words.

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The free will theodicy with relevance to human suffering explains the miseries caused by evil.

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Lives of the sentiment beings are exposed to physical, emotional or mental pain making them feel unpleasant.

Premise 2 translates the notion of omnipresence into set theoretic terms.Individuals such as David, Adam, Saul, Cain, Eve among others suffered as a result of their own transgressions because God had directed them of what needs to be done and what one needs to avoid doing.Credit is given to the Center for Inquiry and the individual blogger.I was a philosophy major, so I developed my ability gradually, over the course of several semesters.

To exist in reality is greater than existing in the mind (idea).This is due to the fact that the earth is under intense stress.However it still relies on looking at nature itself as proof that God exists.In the end, Solomon was life glory was restored and he was blessed more than before.Another aspect that has brought about the suffering problem is the failure to heed warnings of the nature and thus reaping the consequences.

Another obstacle she was faced with was her struggle for self-importance, when her culture clearly valued God above anyone else.The first was that something could not cause itself, second something cannot come from nothing, last there could not possibly be an infinite amount of cause and effects.During suffering thus, God does not intervene as He had already given human beings freedom of choice.Philosophy Physics Plays Poetry Pornography Prostitution Psychoanalysis Psychology Racism.

Cosmological argument- This argument says that the existence of the world or universe is strong evidence for the existence of the God who created it.Philosophical writing was the hardest skill I had to develop in undergrad.The second is to spread knowledge and skills needed to run a freethinking campus group by soliciting.The notion that God is omnipresent usually refers to some more metaphysical plane of existence, beyond the merely physical.According to this theory, because machines are created by intelligent beings, and because the universe may be thought of as a single, highly complex machine, it is likely that the universe was created by a great intelligence, understood to be God.From the biblical perspective, human beings suffer because God respects them and therefore he lets their actions to have consequences that are real.With regards to both natural and moral suffering, the theodicy aspect is thus considered.

Premise 2: If God is an omnipresent being, then no set excludes Him.For instance, geologists have over the years warned builders not to construct tall buildings in areas that are prone to earthquakes.

When man violates the nature that is given to us by God, he cannot expect that God will interfere with the consequences.The free will helps to create evil and God is seen as taking risks at the expense of the evil.