What is a hook sentence in an essay

What if you started off with a vivid description of one of the nightmares.I am writing about a persuasive essay on medical marijuana and i am not sure how to start.Because this may also be known as a topic sentence, the hook may include something related to your topic in an intriguing way.HI Naomi, I am writing my argumentative essay about genetic enginerring should be banned.A good idea would be to start by telling an emotional story of a holocaust survivor and then segue into how this story should never be forgotten because of the lessons for humanity that it holds.If so, you might find this blog post useful for helping you start.You might find the following posts helpful for completing these sections of your essay.A topic sentence usually comes at the beginning of a paragraph, and lets your reader know what to expect from each paragraph.

What is a hook in an essay. this is the hook is, 2009 so i in this essay. 2012 keeping close to novels and hooks written the first sentence for readers.Therefore, your topic sentence should state something that you think or believe that can be supported by concrete evidence.I am writing an argumentative essay about how college education is unnecessary.The body of your paragraph is meant to prove your topic sentence.

Hi Naomi, I am writing a argumentative paper on the Flint Michigan water issue and having a hard time coming up with a hook.Or maybe you could start with a statistic about the shocking income disparity in the U.S.But you can also use counterarguments to lengthen your paper).The question definitely makes me want to know more, and the description that follows is great.I was thinking putting a quote about furthering your education.This is a statement or an opinion that arouses an opinion or response from your reader.A hook sentence is something that attracts the reader as soon as they start reading your paper.

Buy it here - expert essay writers are ready to view your details.If you are you arguing in favor of paying students for good grades, you could open with an emotional statement about how hard kids work in school for zero tangible rewards and that earning money can make this effort seem worthwhile.It could also be interesting to describe how putting on a single article of clothing — a dark hoodie, a hijab — can instantly alter perceptions of the wearer and the cultural assumptions that come along with that piece of clothing.If you decide you disagree, you could start with a description of one of the heinous acts of terrorism committed.Some farmers also inject insecticides into the chests of minks.From there, you should have a better idea of how to start your essay and create a thesis.These types of publications know the importance of getting readers hooked.

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You should be able to make your intentions clear without stating them explicitly.

Picking up in the middle creates intrigue and mystery and draws the reader in, so it can be a really effective hook for a personal essay.Some typical hooks include: an interesting or shocking statistic related to your topic, an anecdote or story (this works especially well for narrative essays), a relevant and thought provoking quote, and an intriguing question.

Then you could question how a woman would likely respond to this real life comment.Types of passion is to write a good hook sentence that the only way like no less.You could also start with a surprising statistic if you can find something to support your stance.You might get ideas from other students to see how they opened up essays on Wordsworth and nature.I am writing about nature vs nurture and the influences it has on children development.

Perhaps you could start with a short anecdote that gives a great example of good governance on a national or local level (depending upon the purpose of your paper).I would recommend against starting with a quote about furthering your education.

If you could find a story of someone famous that would be even better. (Unless this is a personal essay, in which case you should tell a story about yourself).For example, all three religions worship the same god (even though they each have a different name for this being).Is there a quote in the book that really exemplifies this hardship.You might find this post about argumentative writing very helpful.This can help you understand the best style to use for your essay and how you can utilize personal ideas.If this is a more relaxed essay, perhaps to inform laymen about this problem, then a graphic description of what these gastric ulcers are and what they do could make a compelling hook.If you make a statement in your topic sentence, you should be doing so because your paragraph will explain it.Or maybe, you can talk about how much time people spend on social media each day.