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WATCH: Health officials warn this is the worst year for ticks.Two New Cases of Human Plague Have Been Confirmed in New Mexico.

Ancient retrovirus embedded in the human genome helps fight HIV-1 infection.Health economics has developed as a subdiscipline of. random reflections on health services.

Uncommon EGFR mutations in advanced non-small cell lung cancer. (PubMedID: 28577943).Rationale and design of the Hunting for the off-target propertIes of Ticagrelor on Endothelial function and other Circulating biomarkers in Humans (HI-TECH) trial. (PubMedID: 28625369).JournalSeek entry for Advances in Health Economics and Health Services Research (Adv Health Econ Health Serv Res).Senate Republicans Have Their Work Cut Out For Them With Health Bill.

Priority of Patient Safety Associated With Robotic Surgical Instruments-Response to Landenberg et al. (PubMedID: 28560940).Clinical economics studies describe and quantify the relative value of health care services.Recurrent dysphasia due to nivolumab-induced encephalopathy with presence of Hu autoantibody. (PubMedID: 28577954).What Serena Williams wants you to know about domestic violence.

WATCH: CDC advises you may need multiple Lyme disease tests after a tick bite.More Health Problems Reported With Hair And Skin Care Products.Oxford Handbook of General Practice and Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine Pack.A registry-based randomized clinical trial. (PubMedID: 28625387).Health economics attempts to illuminate these choices. Help and Services.Cardiovascular events and hospital resource utilization pre- and post-transcatheter mitral valve repair in high-surgical risk patients. (PubMedID: 28625371).

Menu-engineering in restaurants - adapting portion sizes on plates to enhance vegetable consumption: a real-life experiment. (PubMedID: 28424081).

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GOP Health Bill Could Let Insurers Cap Spending On Expensive Patients.To Solve Gruesome Desert Mysteries, Scientists Become Body Collectors.

Grossman, M., Kaestner, R. and Markowitz, S. (2005) An

Biologist looks at butterflies to help solve human infertility.Intracranial pathology not necessary for gadolinium deposition in brain tissues.

Female cancer survivors are one-third less likely to achieve pregnancy than women in general population.Most Opioid Prescriptions Are for People with Depression, Other Mood Disorders.Study of US seniors strengthens link between air pollution and premature death.Early antiretroviral therapy linked with bone loss in patients with HIV.

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Effect of aspirin on renal disease progression in patients with type 2 diabetes: A multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial.Banned chemicals pass through umbilical cord from mother to baby, research finds.Promising new therapeutic approach for debilitating bone disease.Subtle molecular changes along the upper digestive tract could guide cancer therapy.

Division site selection linked to inherited cell surface wave troughs in mycobacteria. (PubMedID: 28650475).

Potentially lethal parasite rat lungworm found throughout Florida.Indications for invasive mediastinal staging in patients with early non-small cell lung cancer staged with PET-CT. (PubMedID: 28577947).Common antimicrobials help patients recover from MRSA abscesses.